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DIMCOST - Durability Information Model for Concrete Structures

Empower your Concrete Inspection

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Our Vision?

Optimize the data flow related to concrete inspection

Our product provides:

  • Storage of all your inspection data in the cloud
  • Service life prediction of reinforced concrete
Our Features?
Digital vault of all your data related to concrete inspection
Filtering and statistical processing of measurement data
Interpretation of measured carbonation depth and chloride profiles based on concrete cover at both element and construction level or zoning in clusters of elements per construction
Scientifically based computational models to estimate the failure probability with respect to depassivation of reinforcement
Visual representations by means of well-arranged automatically generated tables, graphs and histograms
Comparison of large data sets to determine the zoning of concrete repair necessary for tunnels, bridges, viaducts, large industrial sites, ...

How DIMCOST helps customers succeed

"All relevant data regarding the “health” of a concrete construction is now stored in a single place. This minimizes the chance of data loss over its entire lifespan."


"The results of DIMCOST were already used as input to determine the maintenance strategy of different types of structures. Important infrastructure projects in Belgium like tunnels and bridges, other large constructions such as grain silos or cooling towers but also smaller residential projects."


“Prior to DIMCOST, all our processing of data was done manually. This was a very time consuming and sometimes frustrating task, especially for large projects. But now this is done automatically, super useful!”

Who benefits from dimcost?
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